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Whether you’re looking for a Composite, Patio or Bi-fold door, you’re in the right place

Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors offer all the traditional good looks of timber without any of the drawbacks. While timber may crack, split or warp and of course, need regular sanding and re-painting, Composite Doors require very little maintenance and offer security and performance coupled with stunning good looks.

A tough GRP surface which is highly scratch-resistant is mounted onto a composite material sub-frame, supported by laminated timber stiffeners and pressure filled with energy-efficient foam. The outer edge of the door is protected with a hard wearing PVC-U strip that provides a neat and durable finish. Available in a range of colours including black, white, red, green, blue and woodgrain effect.

PVC-U Residential Doors

Residential Doors are the perfect choice for both front and back doors. We offer a wide variety of decorative PVC-U door panels and glass units for you to create a truly unique entrance to your home.

Side panels, aluminium low thresholds (Part ‘M’ compliant) and midrail letterplates are all options available on the residential door – as too is our exclusive range of hardware.

French Doors

French Doors enhance your home, bringing extra light and the illusion of more space. Internal or external opening, they create an attractive gateway to a garden or patio with minimal obstruction.

As a homeowner you will be able to enjoy a better view of the outdoors all year round. French Doors are also ideal for partition wall applications – from a kitchen to a conservatory area for example.

Patio Doors

The classic Patio Door offers a number of benefits, with no internal space required for opening and more light and space being the most notable. Our Patio Doors create a seamless access point from house to garden, giving you a greater sense of space and allowing valuable light into your home.

A Patio with a midrail allows for the installation of a letter plate – ideal for porch applications. All our Patios come with superior security fittings (Anti jacking system, 4 point hook lock and reinforced frames), yet despite these features, the easy-glide doors boast slim sightlines, allowing you to see less frame and more garden.

Bi-Fold doors

The Bi-Fold Door meets the demands of contemporary living and combines this with beauty and practical functionality. These aesthetically pleasing doors are configured into a number of concertina folds that can be pulled back to offer optimum versatility, light and access into any room.

Where an opening or partition is required between rooms, whether a small or large room, or where your home leads onto a patio or
outside area and you want to extend your view of the garden a Bi-Fold Door is ideal for these applications.

Bi-Fold Doors create synergy between rooms of all shapes and sizes to seamlessly connect your living space whether indoors or outdoors.